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13 Hilarious ‘Friends’ Dates That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Love Life

When Friends ended in 2004, nearly everyone had found their romantic partner and they were off to live happily ever after. In the 10 seasons leading up to this conclusion, however, the Friends characters’ love lives were full of a lot of mistakes. This was particularly true in the early seasons, when Ross had still only been divorced once and Chandler and Monica had yet to turn their hook-up into a lasting relationship. While Joey might have been the reigning ladies‘ man of the group, all six were constantly rotating through new relationships, many only lasting one (or two) ridiculous dates.

If you’ve re-watched these early seasons recently, you probably noticed that most episodes features at least one of the friends romantically entangled with an over-the-top guest actor. Or maybe one of the core characters found a new partner in a truly bizarre way. Like, what was up with Rachel dating her friend’s partner’s dad? Why was Phoebe always attracted to the weird people who were obsessed with her twin sister Ursula? Why was Chandler so unlucky with women — and why did Joey keep charming them despite not treating them very well after he did?

We may never have the answer to any of those questions, but, nevertheless, here are some of the funniest dates that the Friends ever had.

1. When Rachel Dated A Ross LookalikeWarner Bros. Television

“Joey doesn’t share food” is Joey’s golden rule of dating. But that won’t stop him from eating his date’s food. (Season 10, Episode 9).

These classic Friends moments are not just hilarious, but also good learning experiences. After all, seeing what the Friends did wrong is all the inspiration you need not to repeat their mistakes, right?

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