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Dominican Hospital raises $55K for women’s health | Name dropping

Dignity Health Dominican Hospital has received an inaugural round of $55,000 in funding from the Women of Wellness Council, a women’s giving society. A program of the Dominican Hospital Foundation, the council’s purpose is to provide financial resources to support and expand women’s health services at Dominican Hospital. “The Women of …

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Is fibromyalgia hereditary?

Ask the doctors Q. My mother has fibromyalgia, and I think I’m starting to experience similar symptoms. Is fibromyalgia hereditary? A. Yes. Fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition that affects some six million or more Americans, can run in families. In fact, one of the most important risk factors for fibromyalgia …

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Nations with strong women’s rights likely to have better population health and faster growth: Trend evident even in resource-poor countries, say researchers

This trend is evident in even in resource-poor countries, say the researchers. While many parts of the world have made good economic progress, women’s rights have often been overlooked, say the researchers. This is despite many countries having signed the international bill of rights for women, formally known as The …

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Our View: ‘Gag rule’ targets poor women’s health

Poor women and their families are going to pay the price for a political victory President Trump threw to his allies on the Christian right. Starting this week, family planning funds will not be distributed to clinics that provide abortion or even mention the procedure when they counsel a pregnant …

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Managing women’s health: 5 unique takes on femtech

Evaluations made in 2019 suggest that €180bn is being spent on femtech products each year. Despite this, investment has predominantly focused on infertility and reproduction, as opposed to treating female medical issues. As Ridhi Tariyal, co-founder of Nextgen Jane highlights, “We wish we could go out there and say we just …

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What Liz Plosser Keeps In Her Fridge

If you’ve ever wondered what fuels an editor-in-chief of a health magazine through her morning workouts, afternoon meeting marathons, and nights with her hubby and kiddos, you’re in luck! Liz Plosser, the fearless leader of Women‘s Health, recently opened up her fridge to show what keeps her and her family …

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