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Sexual orientation is fluid until your late 20s

Based on the results, Kaestle has outlined nine categories of sexuality. For young men, these are: ‘straight’, ‘mostly straight or bi’, ‘emerging gay’, and ‘minimal sexual expression’. While for women, the categories include ‘straight’, ‘mostly straight discontinuous’, ‘emerging bi’, ‘emerging lesbian’, and ‘minimal sexual expression’. Those identified as ‘straight’ made …

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The Timeliness of Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘City of Girls’

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End the Plague of Secret Parenting

These pressures aren’t just bad for parents, they’re bad for employers. Inflexibility around childcare is, quite simply, going to cost firms valuable workers. Most of the women in that study left the labor force. Other research has found that “the presence of children” is a main driver of the gender …

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Keep “God” and Theocrats Out of Our Wombs

Photo by Jordan Uhl Atrocities like the Alabama abortion bill are one of the reasons why I’m an atheist and a humanist. Barefoot, pregnant, and bombed back to the Stone Age continues to be the clarion call for dominionist lawmakers who are bound and determined to hijack women’s rights. It …

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Mapping Caribbean sexuality

Caribbean sexuality is both hyper visible and obscure. It is celebrated in popular culture as an important ingredient in Caribbean social life and flaunted to attract tourists to the region yet ii is shrouded in secrecy and shame. Studies of same-sex relations, transactional sex, prostitution and sex tourism suggest, however, …

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Judge allows women’s rights group to challenge use of past sexual history in Joshua Boyle’s trial

As Ontario’s Superior Court considers whether a judge erred in allowing evidence about the sexual history of former hostage Joshua Boyle’s estranged wife into his assault trial, groups representing women’s rights advocates and criminal lawyers injected themselves into the process today. Ontario Superior Court Justice Ronald Laliberté granted the Women’s Legal …

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