Thursday , May 28 2020
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Summer nostalgia: For the love of pickles and ‘vadiyaalu’

‘Prapanchamanta bratukutamo ledo ani tension lo unte, manavaalu prashantanga samvatsaraaniki saripada avakaaya, vadiyaalu pettu kuntunnaru. Nammakam ante ala undaali… (While the whole world is tensed whether we will live or not, our people are peacefully preparing avakaya and vadiyaalu to last the whole year; that’s the way faith should be) …

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14 Cool Women In Cannabis Who Are Making A Difference

By Goldleaf’s Alfonso Colasuonno, provided exclusively to Benzinga Cannabis. Goldleaf recently chatted with fourteen impactful women in the cannabis space. We asked each of them to elaborate on what exactly it means to be an influential woman in the world of cannabis and to share some of the ways they …

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The coronavirus is threatening diversity in academia

Keisha Blain attended a top program in her field, collaborated with renowned scholars and wrote an award-winning dissertation — all of which she was sure would lead to an immediate and secure academic appointment. But upon graduating from Princeton University with a PhD in History in 2014, she discovered that …

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We need to talk about Lizzie

2016 was a hard year to be a Beyoncé fan. She had always been at the center of harsh criticism. When she released her world-stopping “Self-Titled” album in 2014, many think-pieces were written about her sexually liberated lyrics and stage presence, including by self-proclaimed feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who was …

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Women Who Kill Part 6: No greater love

Calisto was so drawn to Hawa. He could not explain why. She was not a pretty girl. She was ordinary looking, short, fair-skinned with brownish hair that never really grew. Her dressing was ordinary. She only applied petroleum jelly on her face and did to appear to try beyond that. …

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