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Ceek Women’s Health Debuts at ACOG – PR Newswire

Focused on developing innovative products in obstetrics and gynecology, Ceek Women’s Health is a medical device company led by a group of highly experienced, passionate women committed to improving women’s healthcare experiences. Ceek is preparing to launch Nella Women’s Care in 2019, a clinically tested and thoughtfully designed product line of vaginal specula and accessories that benefit both patients and clinicians during gynecological exams and procedures. Created with all patients in mind, Nella products also specifically address the ne of overlooked patient segments, including women with vaginal atrophy, laxity or excess tissue.

Founder and CEO Fahti Khosrowshahi said, “Advances in women’s healthcare lag far behind those seen in other therapeutic areas. The vaginal speculum is used over 60 million times a year in the U.S. for nearly every gynecological exam. Yet the metal speculum has not been updated in almost 150 years, and the disposable plastic versions have not changed in about 50 years. These antiquated devices not only challenge clinicians‘ care of women with different body types, but can also be extremely uncomfortable for patients. Our goal is to positively transform every woman‘s experience in the OBGYN exam room by introducing revolutionary products designed in partnership with passionate OBGYNs, midwives and nurses. As we prepare to launch our first product line, we are looking forward to connecting with clinicians at ACOG and sharing our vision and plans to realize it.”

James A. Simon, MD, clinical professor at George Washington University and newly elected president of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health, has reviewed Ceek’s clinical data and product line.” The Nella Women’s Care line addresses both the patients‘ and providers’ unmet ne with its innovative, creative and ergonomic design,” he said. “Ceek is realizing its mission to transform the delivery of gynecological care, and I’m excited to see what’s ahead from this medical-device start-up.”

The Ceek team, including Fahti Khosrowshahi, Vice President of Design Maria Lalli, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tracy L. Bennett, MD, will meet with clinicians at booth #24011.

About Ceek Women’s Health

Ceek Women’s Health was founded to revolutionize women’s healthcare by bringing a woman‘s perspective to medical devices used in the OBGYN field. Its core team of experienced women are from healthcare and design backgrounds, and are committed to transforming delivery of gynecological care and improving women’s experiences in the exam room.


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