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Denise Welch vows to still wear bikinis in her nineties and says quitting booze helped her get her body confidence back

DENISE Welch has revealed she will still be stripping off to a bikini when she’s 90.

The actress – who turns 60 today – celebrated her birthday by revealing it is her hope that she inspires women across the country to cast aside their clothes and not worry about their bodies.

Denise can’t resist stripping off on social media now

She told the Daily Mirror: “I don’t care about the knockers – no pun intended. I’m not going to have anyone tell me that I can’t wear a bikini at 60. I’ve got a wobbly arse, my boobs aren’t in the right place.

“I’ve got bumps and lumps and a tummy and I’ve had two children. But I don’t look bad for an old bird.

“I’m proud of how I look at 60 and I’m not trying to look 30. That’s the message I’m trying to deliver. So if I’m still getting my kit off at 90, so be it. Sorry children.”

Calendar Girls star Denise added: “But if I inspire one person to put on their bikini and walk along the beach loud and proud, I’m happy.”

The actress has cast her body issues to the wind

She revealed giving up booze has helped her shed the weight

The Loose Women star is currently touring in a production of Calendar Girls

Denise also vowed “never to have a drink again” after her highly publicisded battle with the booze.

It comes just a week after she bravely broke down on Loose Women revealing she blames herself for son Matty Healy’s drug addiction.

The 60-year-old struggled to hold back her tears as she discussed her 29-year-old’s battle with heroin for the first time.

The former Corrie star explained that Matty, who she shares with first husband Tim Healy, had spiralled out of control while on tour with his band The 1975 last year.

Denise Welch emotionally discussed her son Matty’s drug addiction on Loose Women today

She said: “Although success for The 1975 has been wonderful, its been hard for me because I felt I’ve lost my son.

“I went to Los Angeles to visit him and he told me last year he was going to take himself to rehab and he needed help with addiction.”

Coming over all emotional, she went on: “It was hard but I was thrilled and touched he told me, I was extremely proud he told me.”

The 60-year-old admitted she feels ‘guilt and shame’ for her son’s struggles, having battled the same addictions while Matty was growing up

She said she would ‘do some of his childhood differently’ if she could, and feels guilty that he did not grow up in a ‘sober household’ like her younger son Louis did

However, Denise admitted that she finds it hard not to blame herself for his struggles, having suffered with drink and drug addiction herself while he was a kid.

She said: “Because I’ve had issues over the years, even though I didn’t talk about them much, my life was spiralling out of control.

“Louis [her younger son] has pretty much grown up in a sober household but I do have shame and guilt with regards to some of the things Matt had to see.

“I wasn’t staggering round the house with a vodka bottle, but if I could redo parts of his childhood, I would do that…”

However she added she was extremely ‘proud’ of her son for talking about his problems and taking himself to rehab

Matty is now fully clean, and is returning to the UK to see his family next week

However, Denise proudly revealed that Matty was now fully free of his demons and is returning to the UK to reunite with his family last this week.

The actress added: “I’m incredibly proud, he’s completely clean.

“He’s a wonderful young man, wonderful son and wonderful brother and he’s coming back from LA this week and I can’t wait to see him.”

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