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Gravenhurst’s first lady writes Still Sexy After 60 inspirational book

In 2004 Sue and Paul “ran away from home.”

“We went to Alberta where Paul was offered a job with the Rocky View school board outside of Calgary and we were there for four years,” Sue said.

Sue fell in love with the Calgary Stampede and while out west the couple would take country drives to Montana, British Columbia and enjoyed their runaway life. They moved back to Ontario in 2007 to take care of their aging parents.

“Our parents were in the frail stage of their life and our kids began to get married, so we came back and moved to Muskoka … we loved Muskoka we knew our heart and soul was here because this is our sweet spot living on Morrison Lake,” explains Sue.

Sue retired from nursing in 2014 just in time to assist her husband with his first municipal campaign for district councillor. It was following her retirement that Sue began to draft her manuscript. Her book was born out of her personal struggle of turning 60, that milestone also became the catalyst for her Still Sexy After 60 Women’s Wellness conference. Sue admits that organizing her first conference in 2016 was a huge risk.

“I had this idea about a conference and I took a risk because I had no idea if it would be a go or not. I had a lot of great sponsors and fabulous speakers with relevant and accurate information. What I didn’t realize was how thirsty women in that age group were for that. In 2017 the conference sold out in two weeks. I took a break in 2018 for Paul’s mayoral campaign,” Sue said.

Her goal has been to take the conference across Canada and Sue is one step closer to accomplishing that goal.

“A group of friends suggested I bring it to Collingwood so this year on Nov. 1 it will be there and in September 2020 it will be in Alberta,” Sue said.

Sue is open about her struggle following her 60th birthday but has realized that age is irrelevant and “sexy confidence should be the attitude you bring to life.”

“I had a very difficult time turning 60 … I never had any trouble with 40 or 50 but 60 sounded old and I didn’t feel old. I still had a lot of energy and vitality and so I decided I was going to write a book because I still felt sexy after 60,” Sue said.

Her book is titled, “Still Sexy After 60; 7 Secrets To Finding Life’s Sweet Spot.” Because according to Sue, life is all about finding that balance which facilitates these bliss points.

“I struggled with this and I thought others might as well. Part of it was that getting older was receiving a bad reputation … even in the workplace as I was getting older, although I know I was respected, I could feel that they thought I was a has been and that I needed to be put out pasture. It’s about being valued, and I thought I was being undervalued when I still felt like I was of value and could still make a difference,” Sue said.

Sue is in the process of looking for a publisher for her book and is looking forward to publishing her manuscript in 2019.