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#ifikiebibi! Frasha caught on camera getting cozy with sexy city women

Frasha ni mkare!

That statement applies perfectly to the situation I am about to vividly explain.

So Frasha has this tendency of hiding behind a cap. It took us almost a decade to know that Frasha is not only an artiste but a medic at Aga Khan. He quit his medic job to concentrate on music forming the group P-Unit. In 2017 however, he threw his hat into the political arena.


He would later step down, returning to music, where his passion lay and this precipitated the return of P-Unit. Their new song, Chocha, was the best comeback song we have heard in a while.

Other than music, Frasha is a family man: A father of 3 children by his wife Maggie.

Picture of the day: Big surprise P-unit has for their fans

A video doing rounds on social media may be the beginning of a family feud. In the video, Frasha is lying in bed in the middle of 5 gorgeous women in a boat.


In the video, Frasha looks so happy to be in the presence of the beauties and the caption urges men to look for money so they can attain that type of life.

tafuta pesa! tafuta pesa! Tafuteni pesa sabuni ya roho. Tafadhali tafuteni pesa ndugu zangu


The ladies look pretty excited to be in the presence of Frasha.

Prezzo leaked the video first telling his fans to listen to some solid advice from their brother.

Just after Prezzo leaked the video, Frasha posted it with a witty caption. Hours later, he changed the caption.

So today morning I didn’t want to caption this because I wanted to see the reactions anyway here we go …… You see I have come to realise people even those you think they know you and what you stand for are never there for you in this generation.If they see one negative thing about you they will all distance them selves.The clip above was part of a music video #chocha and to be sincere I don’t even know one of the vixens name coz it was just part of a set .Bt you see the world is quick to judge people and have perceptions based on social media.We live in a generation of social madness and social media addiction. We think of numbers and views and how far one can go to increase there numbers.Companies are the worst affected in this madness turning a generation into views searchers and numbers builders.since numbers don’t lie .Am sure today my post will get the highest no of views yet in my page I have for years posted motivational and educative stories that the numbers don’t find interesting. The number of friends and followers may increase BT how lonely one is can’t be numbered. We even get depressed when people don’t view our own posts and get adrenaline rush when we have views on our posts.The things is we have stopped living for our selves and are busy living a life for others to media is an addiction #lookup. #chocha #kikundiserikali#puuniiit #iamfrashafoundation

Watch the video of him in bed with the women:

Frasha caught on camera getting cozy with sexy city women

Frasha P-UNIT (KENYA) caught on camera getting cozy with sexy city women

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