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Inside Lady Gaga’s Dating History (And Why She and Bradley Cooper Will Never Be a Couple)

Lady Gaga has been one of the biggest superstars in the world for the past decade. Because she’s so famous, there has been lots of public interest in her love life. This interest was magnified tenfold earlier this year when rumors flooded the internet that Lady Gaga was falling in love with Bradley Cooper, her co-star in the wildly successful musical A Star is Born. Let’s look back on the relationships that Lady Gaga has had, as well as her rumored relationship with Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga  Luc Carl

Luc Carl

Luc Carl may not be a celebrity in his own right, but he certainly helped Lady Gaga on her path to stardom. The two dated on and off for several years and Gaga has admitted that much of her debut album, The Fame, was inspired by him. Gaga told Rolling Stone “I’ve really never loved anyone like I loved him. Or like I love him. That relationship really shaped me. I sort of resolved that if you can’t have the guy of your dreams, there are other ways to give love.” The singer also credited Carl with helping her become successful. Despite this, the couple broke up for good in 2010. 

Matthew Michael Williams

Lady Gaga

 It only makes sense that a  fashion icon like Lady Gaga would want to date a fashion designer. The singer would credit her boyfriend Matthew Michael Williams for helping to forge her own sense of style. Williams would design the singer’s outfits as well as props that she used on stage.  Lady Gaga gave Williams the affectionate nickname “Dada,” which is fitting given that the outfits and props that he created are reminiscent of the artwork from the surrealist movement known as Dada. Not much is known about the relationship between the two.

Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Unlike her contemporaries Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, Lady Gaga has largely avoided dating other celebrities. Taylor Kinney was her first boyfriend to have some level of fame outside of his relationship with Gaga. Kinney is an actor known for his roles in film and television, most notably the Oscar-winning drama Zero Dark Thirty. The two first met in 2011 when Kinney had a role in Gaga’s video for her country ballad “You and I.”

Five years and one engagement later, the two called it quits. They cited each other’s hectic schedules as the reason for the deterioration of their relationship.  Fans speculated that Gaga’s single “Perfect Illusion” was about Kinney due to its lyrics “(It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love, it was a perfect illusion”). The singer denied the rumor and the notion that she resented her ex-boyfriend.

Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the Oscars

After starring together in the romantic drama A Star is Born, rumors swirled that Gaga was dating Bradley Cooper. According to Elle, rumors contributed to his divorce from model Irina Shayk. The same source stated that Cooper has no desire to start dating Lady Gaga because of the tabloid coverage of their working relationship