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Jersey politician stands by ‘women’s jobs’ comment

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John Le Bailly was elected as a constable for St Mary in 2018

A Jersey politician who said there were “certain jobs that women can do, and certain jobs that men can do” has said he stands by the comment.

Constable John Le Bailly was discussing parental leave on BBC Radio Jersey.

In the interview, the carpentry and building businessman said he once stopped employing a roofer after she became pregnant.

A female engineer described the constable‘s views as “very offensive” and said he should be suspended.

In the interview, Mr Le Bailly discussed plans lodged in Jersey to give new parents 52 weeks of leave, including six weeks paid by the their employer at their normal rate of pay.

‘Sexually discriminating’

He has since said his comments on which roles were suitable for women were taken “totally out of context” and he welcomed women in the building industry.

“There’s no reason why a woman cannot do a man’s job, but there are obviously limits,” he said.

In the original interview, the constable used an example of roofers taking time off to have a child.

“Now that’s alright for the women because I wouldn’t be employing a woman to normally go up on a roof and rip timbers out and change slates and what have you.

“Because most times women don’t do that kind of job. I’d love them to do that kind of job.

“In fact I have employed somebody to do that kind of job and they did end up pregnant and I couldn’t employ somebody in a pregnant condition to do that kind of work,” Mr Le Bailly added.

Jersey security engineer Summer Boulter said his comments were “unjust”.

“I think he should get suspended,” she said.

“To me, it’s very offensive, it’s sexually discriminating and it puts females, as a whole, down,” she added.