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Joanna Lumley speaks out on the Weinstein scandal

Joanna Lumley speaks out on the Weinstein scandal. Veteran British actress Joanna Lumley has argued that clearer thinking could help women to reduce their risk of harassment. The 71-year-old actress has expressed sympathy for the women who have recently admitted to having been harassed during their time in the entertainment business, but she also thinks that people ought to make better decisions in order to reduce the risk of falling victim to predators. She explained: “It was – and is – everywhere. I’m full of sympathy for the horrors that have gone on, but at the same time, women need to know what they are and aren’t going to do. If you don’t know whether to take your pants off, don’t suddenly scream later, ‘I didn’t really want to do it.’ And don’t go to his hotel room if you’re not sure, because it won’t end well. It’s your ship, you’re the captain, so if somebody does something you don’t like, speak up. Don’t feel you ought to do it because you need a job.” The veteran star worries that some younger performers may agree to enter into situations simply because they want to further their careers. Joanna also revealed that she’s never been “predator fodder” – but if she ever did find herself in that scenario, she’d “punch them in the teeth”. The ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ actress told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “What I dread is people thinking that unless you do it, you won’t be popular or think less of you, particularly young girls. I’ve been lucky because I’m not predator fodder; I’d punch them in the teeth.” Joanna is poised to host the Bafta Awards later this month, and the actress previously admitted to feeling under pressure to wear black to show her support for the Time’s Up campaign. The trend began at this year’s Golden Globe awards, but Joanna said she would love to show off her flamboyant side at the bash. She explained: “At the Globes, if you weren’t wearing black you were virtually saying, ‘I am Harvey Weinstein’s mistress.’ Everybody will be in black out of terror, even though I would love to wear a colour. I love flamboyance and our industry and I want to celebrate it.”

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