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Lady Gaga Just Shared a Photo on Instagram of Her Intimate Dinner Date With Dan Horton

Lady Gaga posted a photo on her Instagram Story of her intimate dinner date with Dan Horton.She and Dan have been seeing each other since July.

Now that all the Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper shippers have simmered down, it’s time to fully turn our attention to Gaga, who has a new man in her life and is sharing pictures of their intimate dates on her Instagram.

As any A Star Is Born fan knows, Bradley broke up with his longtime girlfriend Irina Shayk in June, and Gaga called off her engagement to Christian Carino in February in the middle of awards season.

And a couple months after all that hype about Gaga and Bradley allegedly having an affair died down, she started dating a man by the name of Dan Horton.

If you don’t know Dan, you are in great company! Here’s the lowdown on him: He’s an audio engineer and the owner of Audio Engineering Consulting Group.

He’s worked with the likes of Camila Cabello, Justin Timberlake, and Bruno Mars, and he even started working with Gaga before her Las Vegas residency. He’s also the guy Gaga posted about in her Instagram Story over the weekend, and he is apparently really good at setting up a romantic dinner at home.

On Saturday, Gaga snapped a pic of what she called “the @DHortonAudio special,” which appears to include two candles, a vase full of flowers, mismatched kitchen chairs, two glasses of wine, and three mysterious dinner dishes that we can’t see because the kitchen lights were off.

While they haven’t confirmed if they’re in a full-on relationship, Gaga and Dan have been spending time together since July and are going strong.

Two weekends ago, they went to a The Cure and The Pixies concert in Pasadena, California, and during the concert, fans captured videos of them dancing and kissing and enjoying the atmosphere.

So, yeah, for anyone who was holding out any hope of a reunion, Bradley is fully out of Gaga’s sight and mind right now.

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