Wednesday , June 3 2020
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Liam Hemsworth’s new girl: Her secret past exposed!

The youngest of three girls, Liam’s new flame is an unlikely success, sources say. “She was a quiet girl, a bit of a loner, but once you got to know her, she was very friendly,” a source says.

“She was picked on a bit by the older guys for her unique looks, but she just took it in her stride.”

Maddison grew up with two older sisters Nicki and Allyson and was recently home in July to attend Nicki’s wedding in Sydney, where she was one of the bridesmaids.

Sources add that her inner circle of friends and family are astonished by her public PDA with Liam, who only split with estranged wife Miley in August.

The pair aren’t even officially divorced yet, and sources say Maddison’s family are worried the young star is getting caught up in something messy.

“She’s so young and hasn’t really had a serious relationship before,” the source adds.

“Her family are concerned Liam is just using her to get back at Miley.

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