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Mary Killick, 72, who fell and broke her wrist thanks two strangers who stopped to help

A woman has thanked two strangers who stopped to help after she fell and broke her wrist.

Mary Killick, of Brook Close, Braintree, fell as she loaded her shopping into her car at about 11.30am in Lidl car park on July 18.

Two women rushed to Mrs Killick’s aid and phoned the ambulance after the fall broke her wrist.

Mrs Killick, 72, now wants to thank the women, but has no details to do so.

She said: “The two ladies did tell me their names, one was Tracy and I think she was an ex-nurse. The other one I can’t remember.

“They stayed with me for quite a long while, they got me an umbrella so I was protected from the sun and called the ambulance.

“I was loading the shopping into my car and my tailgate goes up quite high, I’m only 5”1 so I reached for it and missed.

“I took a step back to do it again and I was just on my back.”

Mrs Killick had been behind Tracy at the checkout and remembers her having a large amount of shopping.

The other woman came from across the car park and protected her from the sun with an umbrella.

Mrs Killick said: “I just felt dizzy and so they were supporting me and the younger one went and got an umbrella to keep the sun off me.

“There was not a lot they could do but they gave me lots of encouragement.

“One of them rang my daughter, she was only five minutes away, but it’s always a surprise to get a call like that.

“I don’t know how else to thank them.”

Mrs Killick was taken to Broomfield Hospital to have her wrist reset and wired, but is otherwise doing well.

If you are one of the women who helped Mrs Killick, please get in touch with the Times on 01376 334338.

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