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Model Elyse Knowles reveals the ONE bikini women will be wearing on the beaches this year

She’s the former Block winner who went on to score one of the most coveted jobs an Australian model could want: Seafolly ambassador.

But despite making the bikini lifestyle look luxuriously simple, Elyse Knowles works extremely hard for the opportunities she has been given – including when she’s running through circuits at the gym.

But surprisingly her pick for the swimwear that was going to take the nation by storm this summer are ones she hasn’t worn so much of in the past. 

‘I think high-waisted ’70s florals are going be a big hit.

Everyone feels comfortable in this style and it’s a perfect base for a super cute beach outfit,’ the model told Who What Wear.

The high-waisted look certainly gained traction in 2018, as it highlights the slimmest part of your waist while accentuating natural womanly curves, but Elyse is tipping it to be the trend to watch.


The 26-year-old is currently enjoying a break before the holiday season officially ends, but then it will be straight back to work: on the sand and in the gym. 

Previously, Elyse explained how she starts the day at 6am by driving straight to the gym and ‘smashing out a session’.

The night before she will always lock in an exercise class to ensure she doesn’t ‘disappoint’ her trainer – this, she argues, is how she maintains a consistent size.

‘If I have made a commitment than I don’t want to let anyone down by not turning up,’ she told Healthy Life magazine.

Planning out her weekly meals ahead of time and having the fridge stocked with nutritious choices also curbs any desire to reach for junk food.

After the gym Elyse arrives home to cook a breakfast of scrambled eggs with spinach, goats cheese and pesto.


She enjoys this alongside an almond chai latte and honey.

Elyse doesn’t skimp on the water either, ensuring she’s having at least two to three litres of H2O a day – and a lot of this is heated.

‘I drink a lot of plain hot water. I absolutely love it and tend to have a thermos drink bottle with me everywhere I go,’ she explained.


Warm water increases your body temperature, which by default increases the metabolic rate. An increase in metabolic rate allows the body to burn more calories throughout the day.

At lunchtime the 26-year-old opts for ‘something very simple like a salad with protein, and dinner is usually fish and veggies,’ she told Body and Soul previously.

Staying camera-ready does not come without its sacrifices though, with the model admitting earlier this year to ‘hardly ever’ consuming alcohol.


‘I actually hardly ever drink! If I do, it will be once in a blue moon and I will make it worth it! When I am out with friends, I fake drinking alcohol. I always have soda water with lemon,’ she said.

On her blog, the reality television star also shared a number of her favourite beauty tips.

The first is all about using a good primer to ‘protect your skin and keep your make up even and long lasting.

‘I use the ulta3 Illuminating Primer to create a little extra dewiness to my skin,’ she said.

Elyse also swears by having a number of different shades of foundation and concealer.

‘When you’re tanned there is nothing worse than wearing a shade of make up two or three times lighter! Enhance your tan with a tinted moisturiser bronzer!’ She said.

With her eyes, Elyse prefers to keep her look simple with ‘a big thick, curly lash’ and goes by the mantra ‘less is more.