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MODEL MONDAY: Celai West Was Slaying Fashion Week At 10 Years Old, At 11 She’s Taking On Producing

Source: Julian Peeples / Julian Peeples Photography

Name: Celai West

IG: celaiwest

Agency: Self-Represented

Claim to Fame: At just ten years old West became the youngest professional runway model to accompany an all-adult lineup during New York Fashion Week shattering industry standards.

The average ten-year-old’s sense of competition comes from participating community talent shows and school sanctioned spelling bees but for Celai West the stakes were always a little higher. The self-taught runway model and author, who began strutting around her home as a toddler, began auditioning as small a child and was stalking the catwalk beside certified supermodels before her eleventh birthday.

From a small SEED a mighty TREE may grow… #celaiwest #afroart #savetheforest . Hair/MUA: @imlachanda Photog: @creativesoulphoto

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The runway isn’t the only place West shines. She’s lent her smile to print campaigns for brands including North Face, The GAP, Walmart, Althea and FabKids. She has also appeared in commercials for All State, Google, Mattel, and others.

SUCCESS is never about what YOU achieve…but about what you inspire OTHERS to achieve… @celaiwest . Hair: MUA: @mua.shu Stylist: @leanareekids Photog: @julianjpeeples 🖤 #celaiwest

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Recently West has transitioned into the acting world expanding on the experience she has from commercials. She appeared as the lead in Willy Williams’ music video “The Voodoo Song, and the independent film “I Am My Own Mother” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018.

Despite her bubbly personality, on camera skills, and poise in portraits, her walk still stands out as her greatest asset.

Never in a million years did I think I’d ever walk for a major designer on such a huge platform like #NYFW at 10 years old, let alone CLOSE the show. Thank you @davidtupaz for trusting me. Here’s to my new #LevelUp ❤️ #celaiwest #levelupchallenge #stylefw #stylefashionweek @stylefw

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She’s even started her own runway coaching business where she teaches aspiring models to perfect their own glamorous gaits.

Think BIG. Dream BIG. PRAY BIGGER… 🙏🏾 @celaiwest . Hair: MUA: @mua.shu Wardrobe: @leanareekids Photog: @julianjpeeples 🖤 #celaiwest

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Stomping the runway, no matter fiercely she does it, isn’t enough for the young creative. The pre-teen wants to be in charge of who is else is in and behind the shows that thousands flock to each season.

Don’t wait until you’ve REACHED your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of EVERY SINGLE STEP YOU TAKE towards your goal… #celaiwest #stylefw #stylefashionweek . Walking for @_mario_delatorre at @stylefw Palm Springs. . Afro: ❤️ Photog: @kennycanofilmphoto

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She plans on becoming the youngest show producer to produce a New York Fashion Week show this September with the commencement of The Industry Fashion Show creating other opportunities for young models, and beauty professionals. Her choice to do this, places her in a position of power in a business that is often exploitive to the youthful faces that propel it forward.

Modern systems put in place to protect underage models are theoretically designed to cater to West as she slays runways shows but unfortunately there are certain negative aspects of the industry that youth can’t shield you from. One of those is the time-honored tradition of realizing that the stylist on call can’t do natural hair. Runway stylists are notorious for their callous treatment of model’s coifs but with a child model the damage that they inflict by singeing their strands can be permanent. This makes their clueless approach not just offensive but dangerous.

Which headshot do you like best? 1 or 2? . For me to have been in this business as long as I have, I still haven’t mastered the art of “headshots” 😏 Too modely, hair too big, too mature looking, too commercial, too smiley, too fierce 😫😫 or 1 agent loves them while another 1 hates them. . This matters cuz I have learned that each industry secretly doesn’t like the other. Acting folk won’t like my model stuff, editorial folks don’t like commercial looks and acting folks can’t stand my runway stuff. . The more I try to do acting, the more I feel like I have to “tuck away” my runway stuff but THIS IS ME. I love ALL parts of who I am and what I do, and I don’t want to have to hide pieces of me. . With these headshots, I’ve decided not to hold my breath to wait for the negative feedback. This is me. Period. 😊💛

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Luckily West’s mom, Linda Ligons-West, is always at her side protecting her child’s precious kinks and coils. The two have turned their negative experiences into inspiration. They have created a series of videos demonstrating the proper way to care for natural hair for curious amateurs and ill-informed “experts” alike.

#FridayFeeling: “GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS” @thekenyamoore #celaiwest #gonewiththewindfabulous #stylefw #stylefashionweek #lafw . It was such a pleasure walking with superstar Isaak Presley of Stuck in the Middle. . Designer: #ydamyssimo Hair: @tyrabanks @michellemockcasting

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The tutorial videos are also another avenue for West to spread the message that “everyone is perfect just the way God made them,” an ethos she often repeats in interviews and to her social media followers. A self-proclaimed “quirky, STEM-girl”, she is just as diligent about her studies as she is about her career. She has spoken on panels about the need for time management skills and self-care tactics.

There is no CLOSED DOOR big enough to distract me from my PURPOSE… #celaiwest . Hair: @redmystiqueart MUA: Photog: @creativesoulphoto

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Her commitment to uplifting others by spreading body positivity, and championing education was recently rewarded with a Teen Choice Award. She beamed with fellow honorees Marsai Martin and Kida The Great at the Los Angeles Ceremony. She can also be seen embracing other models on social media promoting the importance of female friendships.

We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes at twelve.


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