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Plus-size and petite friend duo pose together

Proof that friendship comes in ALL shapes in sizes! Plus-size and petite best friends pose together in matching underwear for powerful photoshoot to celebrate their body diversity

 A plus-size woman and her petite best friend are celebrating body diversity in a powerful photoshoot that sees them posing in matching underwear.

Anna O‘Brien and Nikki Wise, both 32, have known each other for two years. Nikki, a vegan yogi, is a stay-at-home mother of three with a slender frame covered in tattoos. Anna, meanwhile, is a plus-size fashion fan and model who loves to travel.

Both women have very different lives and body shapes. But they also share many similarities, which have become the base of their strong bond. For instance, they both love dressing up and wearing the same things, like they did during the photo session in Las Vegas.

‘Nikki and I are besties and we like to twin, its just fun thing we like do. We chose the lingerie set because we were in Vegas and when in Vegas- you go bold,‘ Anna told the DailyMail about the photoshoot. ‘Plus it allowed us to best show the contrast between our bodies.

Both women first connected online during a Halloween yoga challenge, two years ago, and met for the first time in San Francisco last year.

‘It was friendship love at first sight as I say,‘ Nikki said. ‘We have so many differences , but share a mutual down-to-earth, glitter-covered silliness that makes both of our hearts just overflow.‘

 It was friendship love at first sight

The of Anna and Nikki in identical red bralettes have each received between 3,000 and 7,000 of likes on Instagram, with praise from the body-positive community.

Each of the two women shared the photos on their own feed with near-identical captions highlighting all the things they share in common.

‘This is my best friend,‘ Anna, also known online as , wrote next to one of the pictures.

‘She wears the smallest size in this bralette set and I wear almost the largest. We are very very very different. And people often only see our differences. But all I can see when we‘re together is how similar we are.‘

Anna then listed all the things she and love to do, as well as similar aspects of their personalities.

‘We both love to dance. We both love to make up elaborate backstories to tell drunken strangers. We both love to play dress up. We both love animals and treat them like people. We both have to keep a weird diet to make sure our bodies feel their best,‘ she added.

In her post, she urged others to keep an open mind when cultivating new friendships.

‘It makes me sad how many amazing women miss out on knowing each other because they let something so simple as physical appearance cloud who they think a person is.‘ 

Nikki, who has written about raising an autistic son and about her past struggle with anorexia, posted a very similar message on her own account, echoing Anna‘s words.

 It makes me sad how many amazing women miss out on knowing each other

Their Instagram followers have left hundr of comments praising the two women for sharing their photos and complimenting their friendship.

‘Non-judgmental people are so hard to find,‘ one person wrote. ‘I wish I had friends like this.‘ 

‘The response was overwhelmingly positive. Nikki and I are such good friends and I believe that comes through in the picture,‘ Anna said.

‘Many girls started sharing image of their own unlikely / unexpected friendships on Facebook. It‘s like we became the unexpected poster children for the idea that you can be amazing friends with someone who is radically different than you.‘

Others, however, seemed to have a different reaction to the snap. Anna and Nikki reported that one of the photos was removed from Instagram twice, presumably because other users had flagged it as offensive.

Anna reacted in an emotional post explaining that people sometimes discriminate against her, which hurts both her and Nikki. She recounted her experience in Las Vegas, where the photos were taken.

‘In Vegas I was treated differently in a few scenarios and I let it get to me,‘ Anna wrote.

‘Nikki being an amazing friend, tried to empathize. I realized as much as she loved me she would never know exactly what it was like to go through some of these things daily. I try very hard to ignore them and be better than the roadblocks people throw in my face, but sometimes they get me. 

‘The both of us broke down in this beautiful mess of tears and promised that even though we wouldn‘t always be able to understand each others struggles we would be there to support each other.‘

Anna then explained how she and Nikki had reacted when they saw their photo being removed.

‘So today it was sad to find an image where Nikki wrote about this very experience was taken down by Instagram – twice – for being offensive. Because I was in it. Because I was in a bralette set,‘ she wrote.

‘For the first time Nikki has understood what it‘s like to be discriminated in this way. This terrible judgement has brought us closer, and I only wish I had the opportunity to see into her struggles in the same way she has just caught a glimpse of mine.

‘Perhaps that is the only good that can come of this example of hate- a deeper understanding and love between two friends.‘

Anna hopes people who see their photos will be inspired to ‘give people a chance‘. 

Friendship is more than skin-deep and some of the best relationships in my life have been with women who initially made me a bit uneasy because of how seemingly different than me they looked,‘ she said.

‘Also, I think acceptance and a greater love blossoms from the ability for people to step outside of their comfort zone and cross boundaries. It‘s important.‘ 

Friendship is more than skin-deep

Nikki, meanwhile, wishes people will ‘drop their inherited social constructs, and take a chance‘.

‘The most lovely relationships I’ve had in my life were with people who challenge my way of thinking, that draw me out of my comfort zone, and ultimately further my growth as a person,‘ she said.

‘Acceptance is key, and including everyone by not excluding anyone is a rule I live by that has blessed me everyday , beyond measure.‘ 

Nikki and Anna aren‘t the only two best friends who have celebrated their bodies‘ differences recently.

In Australia, size 6 model Georgia Gibbs and her size 16 friend Kate Wasley took a picture together on Sydney Harbour and posted it online.

But instead of celebrating the women‘s friendship, some accused Gibbs of photoshopping the image to make herself appear thinner or Wasley look larger.

Both women were shocked by the accusations and have now created an Instagram account dedicated to photos of them together in an attempt to fight against body-shaming.

The account, filled with stunning photos of the pair posing together in swimsuits, occasionally hand in hand on the beach, already has 105,000 followers.