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Selene Fushsia Dress RUBY ROUGE

Selene Fushsia Dress RUBY ROUGE

Tips to buying Women’s clothing online

Research the retailer
When you are buying goods on-line, you want the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that what you purchase turns up on your doorstep. You also want the reassurance that it is the exact garment you ordered. We recommend that prior to purchasing goods from any retailer that you make sure they are credible and they do exactly what they say on the tin. There is nothing worse than buying goods on line and finding out later that the company you have purchased from do not or cannot meet your expectations. If an offer looks to good to be true from an unrecognised retailer, then it usually is. Beware of bogus websites from foreign counties and always check the correct URL’s before making any purchase.

Know your correct measurement
Whether you are new to on-line shopping or have years or experience there is always that worry that the clothes you by will fit your correctly. Most of us know that sizes vary depending on the brand. Unfortunately, you do not have the luxury of trying clothes on before you buy. We suggest that it is no harm getting yourself professionally fitted in a retail outfit and saving your measurements so you will know exactly what your sizes are depending on the clothes you are buying. Always check against the retailers own size charts and compare them to your own in order to ensure disappointment and the hassle of making unwanted returns. Another thing you might want to look at is the size the model is wearing. Their height can sometimes give you an idea of how long or short the garment actually is

Check Readers review
These can be vital prior to purchasing a product. Customers who have bought that particular product most of the time give a honest review to whether the product or service is up to scratch. Keep an eye out for what the reviews say regarding sizes and quality of the product as this is always a good indicator of whether the item you are buying or from whom you are buying is going to be worth it!

Get the material of product you like
Anyone who has bought clothing products on line will tell you that sometimes the quality / texture or true colour of material isn’t what they thought it would be. It’s important that you know and understand the fabric of the garment you like and this can be easily done by checking clothes you always have and like and make a note of the material. This enables you to purchase goods that suits your skin and style and colour.

Check for on-line videos
Because on-line shopping for clothing is becoming big business for retailers, most of them now are investing heavily in shooting mini videos of models wearing their clothing. Where possible, check out any available video relating to the product you like, prior to purchase that will give you a better understanding of how it actually looks.

Check the return policy
Before you press that “place order” button, always familiarise yourself with the returns policy of the company you are buying goods from. Not all retailers offer the same return policy so it’s key to know if by returning goods what your rights and charges are going to be.

Keep an eye on your shopping cart
It’s easy for us to get carried away spending when on-line as we are not physically carrying the garments around with us before we get to the cashier. We recommend that you always check out the shopping cart to ensure that garment size, colour and quantity are correct. This saves disappointment once you have placed your order.

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