Wednesday , February 26 2020
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Sex, Lies and Prenups: Donald Trump’s Timeless Wisdom on Love

Donald Trump’s many books are ostensibly about business and the business of being him. They are chock-full, too, though, with love advice. There’s a good reason for that: To Trump, who presents himself as an expert on everything, love is just another deal—because love and business are basically the same thing. “Treat each decision,” he has counseled, “like a lover.”

His countless interviews are rife as well with aphorisms and accrued wisdom about the mysteries of love. Except, for him, it’s not actually that mysterious. It all comes down to money. Women are either helping him make it or trying to take it away.

Whether you think America’s 45th president is a first-class charmer, a sexual predator, just a crass Casanova or a wounded, stunted narcissist congenitally incapable of anything approaching actual love, one thing is for sure: About women, dating, marriage, commitment or lack thereof, the lascivious, adulterous, thrice-married Trump has had a lot to say.

To honor Valentine’s Day, we assembled a collection of Trump’s thoughts on the one subject that confounds everybody—except, of course, him.