Tuesday , November 12 2019
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Sexual orientation is fluid until your late 20s

Based on the results, Kaestle has outlined nine categories of sexuality. For young men, these are: ‘straight’, ‘mostly straight or bi’, ‘emerging gay’, and ‘minimal sexual expression’. While for women, the categories include ‘straight’, ‘mostly straight discontinuous’, ‘emerging bi’, ‘emerging lesbian’, and ‘minimal sexual expression’.

Those identified as ‘straight’ made up the largest group, veering from their sexual preferences the least, with men more likely than women to be straight. 67 per cent of women in the ‘mostly straight discontinuous’ group were attracted to both sexes in their early 20s, but reported only being attracted to the opposite sex by the time they reached their late 20s. Though overall, women showed greater fluidity in sexuality over time, with fewer than one in 25 men falling in the middle of the spectrum.

“The early 20s are a time of increased independence,” Kaestle continued, “and often include greater access to more liberal environments that can make the exploration, questioning, or acknowledging of same-sex attractions more acceptable and comfortable at that age.”

Although categorising people isn’t the best way to define sexual orientation, this research demonstrates the fluidity of sexuality and will hopefully lead to more mainstream understanding when it comes to sexual minorities. Plus, given young Brits are having less sex than ever, maybe it will reignite our collective desire to shag everyone and anyone before it’s too late. Happy humping!