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‘She was so relatable’: readers pay tribute to Caroline Flack

‘I didn’t think the death of a person I didn’t know could affect me the way Caroline’s has’

Caroline seemed very relatable, so bubbly and warm. When I watched her present, I felt like she was one of my mates. She had a great way of turning the people’s lives in the villa, and the rather false world of Love Island, into something we should care about. Never ridiculing the sometimes ridiculous, she seemed to care about them all as friends. Beautiful people presenting on TV can often come across as false but Caroline did not. I didn’t think the death of a person I didn’t know could affect me the way Caroline’s has. It feels closer to home than another stranger’s passing – not because I watch telly a lot, but because I think it is devastating that a beautiful and clever woman has no future and she felt there was nothing to live for. I hope the campaign for kindness that has carried on since her death is her legacy and people can learn from this horrible situation. Kirsty, 39, rural development consultant, Inverness

‘She came up to us interns and spoke to us individually’

I remember one of the first ever internships I ever did was for a fashion shoot where Caroline was going to be on the cover of a magazine. She was incredible and so inspiring on the day. She never complained and made it look easy, even though she was going through multiple outfit and hair and make up changes. I was exhausted just watching her. The best bit? She came up to us interns (there were three of us) and spoke to us individually about the shoot. She asked why we were interning and what we wanted to do. She didn’t have to do that, and yet she did anyway. You don’t often see that on a high-profile fashion shoot. She was kind and lovely and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. I hope that’s how she is remembered. Daisy, 26, content manager, London

‘She was the kind of woman that girls easily aspired to be like’

I’d been watching Caroline on TV since she was on the children’s Saturday programme TMI, and I loved her on The Xtra Factor as well. She was always so vivacious, attractive, funny, confident, outgoing. And who can forget that charming smile and incredible laugh. She was the kind of woman that girls easily aspired to be like. I certainly wished I could be as outgoing and bubbly as her. So tragic that she’s no longer here, she had a beautiful soul and made many people smile. She will never be forgotten Naomi, 27, nursing trainee, Gravesend

‘She didn’t promote an Instagram-style picture-perfect lifestyle’

I’ve followed Caroline Flack for years. As a woman who has also just turned 40, I felt some kind of affiliation with her. She was beautiful, successful and famous of course – but also vulnerable. She didn’t promote an Instagram-style picture-perfect lifestyle, she was real and this resonated with me and my friends. I connected with her so much more than others in the public eye because, despite her fame, I think she represented many of the issues my friends and I face. I feel extremely sad this has happened. She was hounded across traditional and social media, and I am sure this is because she was a woman and a vulnerable person (like so many before her). I work in the media and understand click-bait articles, but tabloid hacks and social platforms need to follow a better code of ethics. It’s only a matter of time before this happens again. Thea, 40, festival director, Brighton

‘Her bubbly and fun nature was infectious’

Obviously I didn’t know Caroline but I think its hard to disagree that her bubbly and fun nature was infectious and she had a special talent for making people smile and laugh. I will deeply miss seeing Caroline on the telly and I really hope people can learn from this terrible incident.Karl, 31, educator, Manchester

‘She seemed to be a fighter for women and the younger generation’

I was so upset when I heard about Caroline’s death because I felt like she was my friend. I had never met her but spent summers watchingLove Island, grew up with The X Factor and would often turn on my TV and she’d be there. I would look at her Instagram and imagine how much of a fun and caring friend she would be if I was to ever meet her. She radiated life, and she seemed to be a fighter for love, for women, for the younger generation and for being friendly and kind to people. She had so many friends who clearly adored her. I will miss her on TV. Since her death I have deleted my daily go-to, the Daily Mail, unfollowed all the tabloids and signed the petition for “Caroline’s law”. Its hard not getting my daily showbiz fix but maybe if more people did the same we could save another life in the future. Claire, 23, fashion buyer, London

‘I will find it hard to watch future series of Love Island without her’

Caroline Flack was relatable and likeable because not only could you see she was a lot of fun, you could also see she had some flaws, unlike many celebrities who appear distant and hard to reach. I follow her on Twitter and Instagram and, yes, I definitely think that because she was very open and would often share her vulnerability and emotions that made me feel closer to her and made her very relatable as a woman. I believe there is probably a bit of Caroline in many of us, including the parts that she kept hidden. I admired her – flaws and all. Love Island is my guilty pleasure but I had to turn off after the tribute to her. The juxtaposition between the the poignancy of the tribute and then going straight back into the shallow nature of the programme didn’t sit particularly well with me. I will find it hard to watch future series without her. I think perhaps the show has had its time. Kate , teaching assistant, Ipswich

‘She felt like someone you knew’

Caroline Flack was an inspiration and a role model to me as a young woman growing up when she hit the spotlight. I remember her days presenting The X-Factor, she was so talented. She literally felt like someone you knew as she seemed so genuine, kind and funny. I followed her on Instagram and always loved her posts and stories. She was just infectious and I always wanted to know what she was up to. I remember being obsessed with watching her Strictly Come Dancing videos back on YouTube – she was amazing. Love Island would be nothing without her; she genuinely cared about all of the contestants and wanted them to find love. She made the show what it is today. I feel so devastated that she’s gone and I didn’t even know her, and I’m probably not even as much of a fan as other people. She felt so relatable and so incredibly kind and lovely. Anonymous, 23, teacher, London