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Street Style Day Four, New York Fashion Week Spring 2020

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cxqwd10080e4y6jbnjdr5u@published” data-word-count=”67″>Today’s crop of Fashion Week attendees ranges from actress Hari Nef in Maryam Nassir Zadeh to DJ Shaun Wright in “a very old sweatshirt.” Spotted outside shows like MNZ, Collina Strada, Barragán, and Sandy Liang, the people below — stylists, editors, writers, designers, and one lawyer — were all happy to tell photographer Liisa Jokinen about how their looks came together.

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Starling Irving, 25, Freelance Writer and Photographer

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cye2kb00gk3a650ogxwod3@published” data-word-count=”86″>“I just came straight to the Collina Strada show from a lovely afternoon spent frolicking in the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.

I was in need of a dose of greenery. This two-piece set is vintage from Artists Fleas, and the sweater vest was gifted to me from the wardrobe of one of my mother’s friends.

I’ve been so thrilled to see a larger focus on sustainability this fashion week. It’s made me feel very hopeful about the future of the industry.

Instagram: @starlingirving

Draven Pena, 22, Student

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cypccg00hc3a65b3bq99sg@published” data-word-count=”39″>“I’m wearing a tie-dye mesh dress, platform Tevas, and knot bag I made myself. I’m most inspired by my Brazilian heritage and Afro-futurism.

My philosophy: Dress how you want, when you want, and for whom you want.” Instagram: @draveshades

Hilary George-Parkin, 29, Freelance Journalist

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cypj8n00it3a6598s5ba36@published” data-word-count=”43″>“I’m wearing a Jonathan Saunders jacket, an LPA skirt, an Aritzia tank, AGL shoes, Comme Si socks, a vintage bag, and a dollar-store headband.

People who dress without inhibitions inspire my style. My style philosophy is to have fun, wear color, shop vintage.


Brianne Kim, 23, Production in Trims and Ribbons

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cyri0p00nv3a65cm32fjzq@published” data-word-count=”45″>“My top and skirt are Issey Miyake Pleats Please, my shoes are vintage Prada, and the bag is Marni. I’m inspired by Japanese culture.

My style philosophy is: Asian culture and designers combined with the rest of the world’s designers can rule the world.”
Instagram: @bribribrichan

Joe Van O, 23, Fashion Editor and Stylist

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cyrulb00q13a6514gao8c0@published” data-word-count=”34″>“Today I wore a T-shirt by Foo and Foo under a knit harness from Eckhaus Latta with vintage pants by Escalator.

My style is inspired by handsome warriors, soft gestures, and low-hanging fruits.”
Instagram: @joe.


Whitney Bauck, 26, Associate Editor at Fashionista

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cys8lj00s73a654664r6bh@published” data-word-count=”49″>“I’m wearing Veja sneakers, Eckhaus Latta socks, a Jungmaven naturally dyed hemp tee, a Petit Kouraj bag, and Svnr dress and earrings.

My style is inspired by my drive to participate in the fashion industry in a way that pushes us to more socially and environmentally responsible practices.”
Instagram: @unwrinkling

Kacy Hill, 25, Singer/Songwriter

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cysqp200ud3a65eocsm5ul@published” data-word-count=”22″>“I’m wearing a Barragán crop top with vintage cargo pants and JJJJound Reeboks.

I’m inspired by color and comfort and confidence.”
Instagram: @kacyhill

Shaun J.

Wright, 37, DJ

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cyt10e00wj3a65zm0m8y9w@published” data-word-count=”31″>“I am wearing a very old sweatshirt, vintage shorts, Random Identities shoes and necklace, and a mudcloth-and-PVC kufi hat. I’m inspired by modern street wear and traditional West African garments.

Instagram: @shaunjwright

Sonia Stagg, 33, Sales Director at Maryam Nassir Zadeh

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cyto34010v3a65rt9vcb7q@published” data-word-count=”21″>“I’m wearing Maryam Nassir Zadeh boots, jacket, and necklace, Caché skirt, and Ralph Lauren top. My designer clients inspire my style.

Sean Santiago, 31, Art Director

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cyty3q01313a65q2fztkk3@published” data-word-count=”32″>“I’m wearing Ferragamo jeans, 6397 shirt, and a Leo et Violette bag. Celebrities at the airport are my style inspiration.

My style philosophy: Imagine a young Shelley Duvall in Rachel Comey.”
Instagram: @sean_santiago

Hari Nef, 26, Actress

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cyujx501573a65f3cxlvck@published” data-word-count=”86″>“I’m wearing Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Saint Laurent shoes, and a Kara bag.

I wanted to support Maryam today. I have been a fan of hers for a long time and got invited to the show and she gave me this beautiful dress.

I have never worn anything quite like this, the color and the playfulness. I feel really cool in it and I really like the idea of being a clown.

NYFW is kind of full of clowns so I am a clown now, too!”
Instagram: @harinef

Paige Rubin, 28, Head Luxury Buyer at What Goes Around Comes Around

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cyutal017d3a65v755uyjz@published” data-word-count=”77″>“My top and cardigan are Sandy Liang. The rest are vintage pieces from the store that I buy for.

Traveling for work, I see a lot of great style in very different places. I think everywhere I go I bring a little something back with me, whether it’s a new piece of clothing or a different way to wear an old one.

The only trick to pulling off a crazy outfit is just believing you are.”
Instagram: @paigerubin

Naura M.

Keiser, 36, Lawyer and Collector

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cyv471019j3a65e7ff2zon@published” data-word-count=”115″>“I’m wearing a vintage Mary McFadden pleated set from eBay, a thrifted handbag, and Converse sneakers. I suppose the displeasure (or, at a minimum, boredom) I feel at looking at my unclothed body and unpainted face when I wake is inspiration enough to take action — that is to say, to hurl a bunch of color/pattern/texture/shine at the ‘problem.

’ I recognize that my self-deprecation doesn’t change the fact that I am citing MYSELF as my inspiration. My style philosophy: Acquire and wear clothes that you can imagine yourself wearing as a 70-year-old, or that you wish you had when you were half your age.

 A ‘timeless’ wardrobe is within reach, even for the maximalists among us.”
Instagram: @walk_of_dame

Alexandra Mondalek, 25, Freelance Writer

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cyvghd01bp3a65hov7szrr@published” data-word-count=”28″>“My style inspiration is imagining a Roy Lichtenstein girl IRL.

My style philosophy: Opposing colors are good, all black is great, reimagining what you own is best.”
Instagram: @hautetakes

Marino Murata, 22, Student and Graphic Designer

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0dze7q0008g3h65aewb16a2@published” data-word-count=”26″>“I’m wearing The End Lingerie, a ’70s suit found at Worship Vintage, and Malin Landaeus Select Vintage Collection boots.

I’m inspired usually by my mood.”
Instagram: @m.




Emily Dawn Long, 29, Stylist and Designer

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0ea8fhj004s3a65y1889abv@published” data-word-count=”71″>“I’m wearing a Bode top, an antique table cloth I turned into a skirt, and vintage boots. The bag is by me.

Textiles and fits inspire my style. They don’t make it like they used to — vintage is a way of life.

I dress organically to my mood and I approach each outfit as if one would approach a sculpture. It’s about the shape and textile of the garment.

Instagram: @emilydawnlong

Eugene Choi, 26, Artist

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0dzfzj300cs3h65zsqujenx@published” data-word-count=”26″>“I’m wearing a Telfar cap, Telfar shirt, Haus of Hellmutti dress, Redback boots, and a Carhartt bag. My friends inspire me the most in everything.

Instagram: @girlboy