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Street Style Day Three, New York Fashion Week Spring 2020

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0clls9b00i8r7y6yuir3z9b@published” data-word-count=”67″>New York Fashion Week brings out everyone from high-ranking fashion editors to the 18-year-old Brandy Melville assistant wearing a lampshade as a top. Photographer Liisa Jokinen caught plenty of peacocks working the streets outside shows for Lou Dallas, LaQuan Smith, and Sies Marjan.

Scroll down to see 17 fashion people — stylists, writers, influencers, and designers — explain how they decided what to wear to the shows.

Grey…, 22, vigilante/curator

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cm2zjm00603h65pw9v0j5g@published” data-word-count=”86″>“I’m wearing pink and lilac veils with a vintage Ralph Lauren skirt from Shop Berriez and Melissa platform shoes.

My style is inspired by the ’70s and ’80s, and interesting characters like Howard Hughes and Eartha Kitt. My style philosophy is to dress as if you were meeting yourself for the first time — your ideal self, the self you saw in your mind’s eye as a child, the person you always thought you’d be someday.

Dress just like that and give the world hell!”
Instagram: @rugratsinparis

Shawn Lakin, 25, senior fashion editor at Document Journal

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cm3bb4007q3h650phr7yam@published” data-word-count=”31″>“I’m wearing a vintage dress from the Corner Store and Maryam Nassir Zadeh boots. My mom inspires my style.

My style philosophy is to buy less and pass it on.”
Instagram: @shawnmlakin

Darrell James, 32, sales and wardrobe consultant

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cm3u7n009w3h6586g36ybp@published” data-word-count=”27″>“My top is Joe Chia, my pants are Comme des Garçons, my shoes are from To Boot, and my bag is Louis Vuitton.

Traveling inspires me.”
Instagram: @darrelljames7

Deborah Ababio, 35, executive assistant to British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cm49g800ci3h65h8x245js@published” data-word-count=”26″>“I’m wearing a sweater by DV, a vintage skirt, boots by Karen Millen, and a bag by Reserve.

I’m inspired by color, culture, and art.”
Instagram: @asaradee

Hannah Baxter, 30, senior beauty editor at Coveteur

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cmjile00f13h65pj8v7nql@published” data-word-count=”58″>“I’m wearing a vintage two-piece dress, Simon Miller boots, a Respiro bag, and Polaroid sunnies.

My style is inspired by vintage tailoring, the ’40s and the ’70s, Parisian grandmothers, and skater boys. My style philosophy is to wear whatever makes you feel like you’re expressing your insides on the outsides.

Be fearless and have a good time.”
Instagram: @hannahbaxward

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, 27, stylist and fashion director, GARAGE Magazine

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cmjzy000h33h65vaxvpo5z@published” data-word-count=”25″>“I am wearing a Matthew Adams Dolan shirt, a vintage blazer and Levi’s jeans, a Jil Sander bag, Celine shoes, and Carolina Lemke sunglasses.

Instagram: @gabriellak_j

Grace Stratton, 18, student and sales associate at Brandy Melville

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cmonoq00ju3h65zzsy0ag2@published” data-word-count=”45″>“I’m wearing a puffy vintage-inspired white shirt with gold jeweled buttons, an orange vintage lampshade (yes, it’s a lampshade, haha), vintage suede brown shorts, and vintage cowboy boots. Plus a vintage patchwork bag.

My style philosophy is to mix all different kinds of clothes.”
Instagram: @lil_gregre

Ken Paquier, 35, print designer

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cmp27v00m83h65bqhfe661@published” data-word-count=”22″>“I’m wearing a Sies Marjan dress.

As long as it makes you happy, just wear it (unless it’s alive, or dirty).”
Instagram: @kenpaquier

Olga Yanul, 34, fashion director

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cmpf2d00p23h65jtqe2i20@published” data-word-count=”46″>“I love experiments, men’s cuts, and the ’80s.

Clean lines plus extra details. Always wear a men’s jacket if you don’t know what to wear.

Now I’m wearing a top by Keti Chkhikvadze, pants by Tako Mekvabidze, shoes by Linea Rosa, and bag by Maissa.”
Instagram: @olgayanul

Oluwabukola Becky Akinyode, 30, stylist and market editor at Out of Order magazine

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cmzau6004b3h65x6ohewzk@published” data-word-count=”62″>“I’m wearing a Sies Marjan dress, earrings by Tuza, and shoes by Charles David.

I’m inspired by anything that’s aesthetically pleasing whether it is art, fashion, or film. My style philosophy is to do the most but never take myself too seriously.

Sometimes people look at fashion like it’s a matter of life and death, but it’s supposed to be fun.”
Instagram: @thetrillestb

Sadaf H Nava, 30, musician and visual artist

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cmzpkc00713h65h3hpmdh8@published” data-word-count=”30″>“I’m wearing a Lou Dallas top and a skirt hand-crocheted by my mom.

I’m inspired by romantic punk, baroque and rococo, and handmade originals made by friends and family.”
Instagram: @svdvf

Robyn Mowatt, 26, associate editor

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cn02sy00a73h65arwko06d@published” data-word-count=”41″>“My suit is from Keama, the shoes are Reebok x Victoria Beckham, and the bag is Gelareh Mizrahi.

My style is inspired by my mood for the day and by my Jamaican heritage. When you look good, you feel good.

Instagram: @robynmowatt

Takuro Ogasawara, 53

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cn5zrj00d53h65ocnfhnux@published” data-word-count=”18″>“I’m wearing a Toga jacket and Comme des Garçons pants. Rei Kawakubo inspires my style because she is special.

Instagram: @takuroogasawara

Callan Malone, 22, writer for Cultured Mag

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com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cn6jem00g73h65c94t84nu@published” data-word-count=”68″>“I am wearing a dress by Female, shoes by Meadham Kirchhoff, and Darner socks. I’m inspired first and foremost by the people I see walking the streets of New York.

My color palette is always shifting, but recently I’ve found myself attracted to jewel tones. I have to be comfortable in what I’m wearing and always love to add something that’s slightly shocking or at least eye-catching.

Instagram: @callanmalone

Tiffany M. Battle, 30-something, influencer and content creator

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thecut.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/ck0cn6xi200jp3h65z98o1tfo@published” data-word-count=”46″>“I’m wearing a vintage Pierre Cardin jacket and a vintage Western top from Vintage By Misty, Nasty Gal sequin leggings, and HM Studio AW19 boots and handbag.

Color and textures are behind most of my looks. I love pieces that come together to create interest.

Instagram: @tiffanymbattle