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Saturday , January 19 2019
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This is why nobody is swiping right on your tinder profile

Out of all the women surveyed, a huge 86% said that topless pictures were a one-way ticket to a left swipe and a swift consignment to the scrapheap.  Next up, with a peculiarly large 81%, was a star-sign not being compatible – unfortunately for you, there’s not much you can do about …

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Fact-checking Martha McSally’s position on birth control

The Arizona Democratic Party claims that Republican U.S. Rep. Martha McSally’s stance on women’s health care is a reason why she shouldn’t be voted into the U.S. Senate. “Martha has repeatedly tried to limit women’s access to birth control, and she even cosponsored a bill to make contraception more expensive …

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Are sexy Halloween costumes for kids finally out of control?

For parents, sugar highs and Pinterest-fail costume attempts can be a downside of Halloween. But according to a non-scientific survey conducted by TODAY Parents, the thing that gives moms and dads the biggest fright this time of year is seeing young girls dressed in overly sexy costumes. This nerd costume …

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7 Women’s Health Misconceptions OB/GYNs Hear The Most

Bodies are complicated, and if we just rely on chats with our friends or what we see on the internet, we’re inevitably going to get it wrong sometimes. There are a number of health myths that OB/GYNs hear the most, and although some are harmless, others could prevent you from …

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Ladies, this is how to avoid dating a psychopath killer

With the frequent heartbreaking news in and out of Nairobi about women being murdered by their supposed boyfriends, husbands and lovers; it is wise to take careful measures to avoid falling in the same trap.  The reason why you should fear dating a psychopath is because they can hurt you …

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Suze Orman says women “still need to find a financial voice”

“Self-worth equals net worth” is a favorite saying of Suze Orman, one of this country’s most recognized personal finance experts.  Now the two-time Emmy Award-winning TV host and author of nine New York Times best-sellers is sharing what she realized while witnessing the Me Too movement against sexual harassment “I …

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Women Warriors

“I broke a story about another female journalist, Zeenat Shahzadi, who was allegedly abducted by security forces. She was 24. I could tell this could happen to me next,” Eitizaz says. “First, a storm of sexual harassment that lasted over a month. My social media was flooded by trolls. They …

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Après pill, le déluge

× Joe Newton I’m a 27-year-old woman living on the East Coast. I’ve been sexually active and on birth control since I was 16 — almost always on the pill. I recently switched to the NuvaRing, which I had a bad reaction to: I had no libido at all and …

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