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The Implicit Sexual Desire

Sexual desire can be defined as an impulse to engage in sex with a specific person that activates an automatic response of the sexual system (e.g., genital arousal) to a sexually attractive stimulus (e.g., the touch or smell of one’s partner). Sexual desire is a crucial component of a satisfying …

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How Many Calories Are In A Bagel, And Are They Healthy?

Ahh, is there anything better than sinking your teeth into a slightly chewy, slightly crispy bagel on a weekend morning? (I dare you to give a better alternative.) Then again, they often tend to lead to post-brunch naps (hello, food coma). Not to mention, bagels tend to get a bad …

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The 10 fastest growing jobs for women are not what you think

SmartAsset analyzed employment data from 2014 and compared it to 2018. It revealed that these two occupations showed the greatest percentage of change in the number of women holding those jobs. In fact, nearly the entire top 10 was made up of jobs that were traditionally held by men. Taxi …

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Future – Is soya bad for women’s health?

Consumed in many traditional Asian populations for millennia, soya has only been a common part of the Western diet for around 60 years. Now, many of our supermarkets are full of soy milk alternatives, soy burgers and other soya-based meat replacements – not to mention traditional soy-based products like tofu, …

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Is it actually OK to wear makeup when you workout?

‘I’ve seen people in the gym, mainly other woman, giving me looks or eyeing up my lipstick.’ (Picture: Getty) It’s not uncommon to see women in the gym rocking a full face of makeup. The correct response to seeing this is sheer awe at their ability to do a full …

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