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Sex for rent adverts placing women at risk as dark side of housing crisis exposed

Men around New Zealand are advertising accommodation at reduced rates – or for free – in exchange for sex acts. An investigation into the sex-for-rent market found these landlords had profound loneliness in common and had given up on more traditional ways of meeting women. The advertisements were posted on US-based website Craigslist; Stuff responded to seven of …

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What Falling in Love Does to Your Body

When love is in the air, you might experience some unexpected changes to your body. A romantic relationship can have intense effects — both on your life and your health. Here are nine ways falling in love can impact your body. 1. Makes us ‘maddeningly’ preoccupied “Crazy in love” is …

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Jump Force’s lack of female playable characters is terrible

Jump Force, the manga-crossover fighting game that’s out now on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One, is a boring game that rides on its license and not much else. But look past the perplexing character styles and monotonous, frustrating combat, and notice an even bigger issue with the game. …

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Throw Out All Of Your Uncomfortable Underwear Right Now

Image: Hulton Archives, Getty Images Life’s too short for uncomfortable underwear. I was reminded of my disdain for the underwear often offered to women or photographed in magazines when I came across a reader comment on Cup of Jo: My snarky goal one year was to replace all of my …

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Dismantling Sexual Health Stigma in India

Asia-Pacific, Development Aid, Featured, Gender Identity, Headlines, Health, Human Rights, Poverty SDGs, TerraViva United Nations, Women‘s Health Opinion By Natasha Chaudhary Reprint | | Print | Natasha Chaudhary is a trainer, coach and strategy consultant working to strengthen people-powered work. She is a Director at Haiyya, an Indian youth led …

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Meghan Murphy’s war on Twitter

Canadian feminist writer, Meghan Murphy, who was permanently suspended from Twitter last November, is suing the social media site for deceptive trade practices and breach of contract. ‘Twitter would never have attracted the hundr of millions of users it boasts today had Twitter let it be known that it would …

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