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Why Trump Is Rolling Back LGBTQ Health-Care Protections

In a follow-up email, Severino noted that some medical providers feared they would be coerced into providing abortion or sterilization services under the Obama-era rule. “A federal court enjoined the ‘termination of pregnancy’ provision because it risked forcing people to perform, refer for, or cover abortions, contrary to law,” he …

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University Health Services work to ‘support sisters, not just cis-ters’ is promising for a more inclusive future

Historically, the feminist agenda can sometimes undercut transgender rights. The most aggressive form of this unfortunate reality is trans-exclusionary radical feminism. But most of the time, feminists are simply unaware that their language or actions exclude transgender women from a movement that should welcome women of all backgrounds.  A seemingly …

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How Tech Giants Are Banning Truth and Undermining Freedom

Like a strong cocktail that promises a quick buzz, social media offers us instant gratification that can be hard to resist. But just as alcohol disguises the smell of chemicals, social media hides the bitter poison of identity politics—a poison that increasingly dominates the content we read. This toxic cocktail …

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First transgender designer shows at New York Fashion Week

New York (AFP) Los Angeles designer Pierre Davis made her debut in New York this week, becoming the first openly transgender creator to present a collection at Fashion Week, further shaking up an event that had already featured trans models. The powerful Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), which …

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Scottish feminist group says transgender laws risk women’s rights

The Scottish government risks sleepwalking towards a significant erosion of women’s rights, according to a group of feminist activists and academics that held its first public meeting in Edinburgh on Thursday evening to discuss proposed changes to transgender legislation. The group, For Women Scotland, claims that it has support from …

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Buddha And Bronzer: The Japanese Monk Who Loves Make-Up

Tokyo, Japan:  As make-up artist Kodo Nishimura sashays into a room in Tokyo balanced on pin-thin heels, he could hardly look less like a practising Buddhist monk.  Immaculately made-up, sporting smoky eyeshadow, false lashes and winged eyeliner, he changes outfits three times during a presentation to starry-eyed fans. But at …

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