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These Adorable Doodles and Their Moms Are the Ultimate Squad Goals

Feb 12, 2018

Kim McNamara doesn’t have what you’d call a typical friend group. When her 14-strong squad strolls the streets of their hometown Atlanta, Georgia, they literally turn heads.

“People stop, traffic stops,” Kim tells

“I am not kidding. Cameras and phones come out for picture-taking.

People smile, children laugh, and in exchange receive wet kisses.”

Not from Kim and her girlfriends, of course, but from their seven dogs—who all just happen to be “doodles.

There’s Kim’s sheepadoodle, Addie; Lauren, Shelby, Jennifer, and Stephanie’s goldendoodles, Packer, Lola, Charlie, and Charlie (Gold), respectively; Marianne’s mini goldendoodle, Riley; and Sara’s cockapoo, Sheldon.

Look at all of that fluff! #internationaldoodledogday

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If seven girlfriends each with her own doodle sounds like too happy a coincidence, that’s because it’s not.

Most of the women actually met through their pups. Stephanie and Kim organized several Atlanta “doodle” meet-ups—and out of more than 200 dogs that attended, the seven pets and owners really hit it off.

“When the girls all joked that, in a pawfect world we would be stay-at-home dog moms,” Kim says, “we began meeting for brunches—at restaurants and at our homes—for cocktails, for boutique shopping … all at dog-friendly places in Atlanta, of course!”

They call themselves “That Dood Squad,” and together, they’ve explored everything from lavender fields and pumpkin patches to hiking trails and the bustling city streets.

The dogs attend each other’s birthday parties (“Yes, we do this!” Kim admits) and have weekly playdates, “so we can all hang out, the fluffy and non-fluffy, to catch up on life.

At least once a month, you will find us brunching together on a Sunday, choosing our favorite doughuts, while the pups burn off some kcals in the backyard!”

Whatever sprinkles your d🍩nut 😋 If you want pawsome boxes full of fun surprises, @thedapperdogbox won’t let you down ❤️ #WHPSmile #ShaggyChic #sheepishaddie @misslolathegoldendoodle 📷: @shelbyraephotographs

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When they’re not sipping mimosas and polishing off doughuts, the Southern gals style photo shoots of their four-legged friends and share the shots on social media. One of the “Doodle Moms,” Shelby Steckbauer, is a photographer, and they’ve managed to capture all kinds of pictures of their furbabies, often in Kim’s classic 1967 MGB and with the hashtag “#rollinwiththedoodles.

Their first photo session at Big John’s Christmas Trees lot in Dunwoody went viral and was picked up by national news outlets.

Forget about reindeer — this holiday season is all about rein-DOODLES! 📸: @shelbyraephotographs

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Photos on their Instagram accounts (yes, they each have their own) show the canines cheering for the Olympics .



. and the College Football Playoff National Championship (“‘Dawgs’ won so we all won,” Kim says).

Car divided 🏈🐶🐘#Shaggychic #Sheepishaddie 📷: @shelbyraephotographs

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Most recently, the pack stole our hearts in a Valentine’s Day shoot complete with heart-shaped balloons.

As you’d imagine, getting them to sit still can be a bit of a challenge.

Although they’re perfectly posed in the final photos, what you don’t see is a whole lot of behind-the-scenes bloopers between the dogs and laughter among the ladies.

“We are fairly confident that they all must think that ‘STAY’ is their name.

Or ‘NOOOOO, STAY!'” Kim laughs. “Honestly, the dogs are well-behaved, well-socialized, obedient, and all have passed their CGC (Canine Good Citizens Test).

They know when it’s time to work and pose.”

They’re used to being in costume (think goggles, hats, and bow ties), too.

“All of the dogs are models/ambassadors for different bandana companies—don’t make fun of us!—so their wardrobes are seriously out of control … Some of us have done work for Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Whole Foods, and Sugarboo Co., just to name a few.

As certified therapy dogs, Addie and Charlie Gold also visit hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and senior living facilities with Happy Tails Pet Therapy.

For all their hard work, the pups get paid in “extra love, treats, and play time”—and so far, the fame hasn’t gotten to their heads, even if the dogs often get recognized on their outings.

After all, they’ve been featured on local magazine covers, TV stations, wedding shoots, and more.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fluffiest Sheepadoodle of them all? 💁🏼‍♀️ #ShaggyChic #SheepishAddie @lucyand.

co 📷: @kevloweryphoto

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“For us girls, we snicker and wonder if we are becoming ‘Stage Moms,'” Kim jokes. “Don’t answer that!”

In reality, Kim says of her one-of-a-kind squad, “We are sweet, persistent, and put our dogs before our boyfriends and husbands (whoops!).

Doods before dudes, right? ‘Hey, we would love to go to that football game with you, but my dog said no.'”

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