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This Is How Candyman Spent Valentine’s Day

Travers Beynon – AKA Candyman – might have strict rules for his clan, made up of his wife and three girlfriends, but he sure knows how to treat them well as he proved this Valentine’s Day.

If you were about to make any presumptions about the multi-millionaire playboy from Australia, you’ll be pleased to find out he is actually a loving husband, generous boyfriend, and caring father.

Many question his lifestyle and although certain people may not agree with his idea of the domestic set-up, it’s safe to say that when it comes to the Candy Shop Mansion, romance is not dead. Far from it, in fact.

Travers with wife and girlfriends enjoying Valentine’s Day breakfast. Credit: Candy Shop Mansion/LADbible

Because this Valentine’s Day, Travers came downstairs to greet each of his girlfriends as well as his wife, Taesha, with a kiss. They then enjoyed breakfast together before heading out on a shopping spree to Versace (obvs).

After splurging on the luxurious gifts for the important ladies in his life, Travers then took them out for an evening meal together before heading back to the Candy Shop Mansion to complete the evening in the bedroom. You’ll have to use your imagination.

The crew enjoying a spot of shopping in Versace. Credit: Candy Shop Mansion/LADbible

Last year, the tobacco tycoon was searching for an ‘extremely attractive’ woman to stay at his waterfront pad alongside the rest of the girls.

Not just one actually. Travers was looking for five – some would call that greedy – but he insists that each and every woman is happy and actually has plans in place to ensure that.

One of his solutions is that everyone shares the same bedroom – which sounds like a squeeze and probably would be if you lived in a three bed semi with just the one double bed. But as you might expect by this stage, that’s not how he rolls.

He explained: “The bedroom has three large king-sized b, I actually have another bedroom in the house which is just for me so if it ever gets too much, I escape to that.

“Managing girls who are romantically involved, emotionally involved, can be challenging but the more you do it the better you get at it.”

And you thought you had enough problems keeping one partner happy…

Featured Image Credit: Candy Shop Mansion/LADbible