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Two ladies punched Melbourne’s South Wharf Purchasing Centre

Horrifying moment four teenage girls violently brawl with two young victims in a shopping centre as they punch one in the head – before stealing her purse

Two girls aged 15 and 19 have been punched in the head by a group of teenagers in a shopping centre in .

CCTV released by Victoria Police shows one of the victims being repeatedly hit by a group of four girls at the South Wharf Shopping Centre in the city‘s CBD.

The group also steals one of the girls‘ purse. 

The two victims are walking through the shopping centre when one of the girls, wearing a large black jumper, gets her attention from behind and hits her in the face.

Another girl from the group, wearing a green puffer jacket, walks into the brawl and punches the other victim in the face.

The violence escalates quickly and circling the victims, two of the brunettes repeatedly punch one of the victims in her head.

Both the victims received minor injuries. 

During the assault the victims backpack falls off her back and onto the floor – the girl wearing the green jacket steals the victims purse out of her bag, hiding it under her jacket.  

Police want to speak to the group of females and have released still images of the girls from shopping centre CCTV cameras.  

Anyone with any information regarding the incidents or the people involved are urged to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report at  


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