Thursday , May 28 2020
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Victoria Beckham launches eponymous clean beauty make-up collection

A decade after creating her fashion label, Victoria Beckham has launched a beauty collection.

Described as being a “clean beauty movement”, it is made up of cosmetic products which have been developed using “only the cleanest ingredients”.

Products on the “Victoria Beckham Beauty” website include “smokey eye bricks”, a compact eye shadow palettes which costs £48, single “lid lustre” eye shadows, which retail at £28, and “satin kajal” eyeliners which are available for £20. 

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Launching the collection, Beckham said: “I have always been beauty obsessed, and I want to create beauty solutions that address my customers from head to toe, inside and out.


“It is all about making my community feel like the very best versions of themselves.”

The brand was co-founded by Sarah Creal, who is also chief executive. 

The former global head of make-up marketing and product development at Estée Lauder, previously worked with Beckham to launch a collaborative capsule beauty collection.

Their new range promises to us a minimal amount of plastic, packaging products in materials which are recyclable or biodegradable.

Every order made on the website is delivered to customers in a reusable canvas pouch.

At the moment, only eye make-up products from the collection are on sale online.

However, lip and skin products from the range will also be made available in the near future.


The collection‘s official Instagram account featured a video of the former Spice 

The video shows Beckham combining ingredients in a laboratory while making a “smokey eye brick”.

She says: “It really is about empowering women through fashion and beauty. It’s important to feel good about yourself, because that radiates. It’s so inspiring and really uplifting. This really is a dream come true.”

Several of Beckham‘s Instagram followers congratulated the entrepreneur on her eponymous beauty collection.

“Everything is so stunning!!! Ordered a few pieces just now and I’m thrilled!” one commented.

“Congratulations on this new amazing brand, I love it so much!” another wrote. 

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