Wednesday , January 29 2020
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Victoria launches a fashion line for larger ladies

Posh goes plus-size! Victoria launches a fashion line for larger ladies with clothes going up to a size 24 

Victoria Beckham‘s new range will be sold at the American retail chain Target 

She is known for her haute-couture collections and stratospheric price tags. But Victoria Beckham’s new fashion venture seems designed to help her live down her Posh Spice nickname.

The Spice Girl-turned-fashionista will next week launch her latest clothing range in the pile-’em-high, sell-’em-cheap American retail chain Target.

And what is even more surprising for a brand that has always been modelled by catwalk sirens even skinnier than Victoria, is that the 200-piece collection for women and children caters for the larger lady.

The new range comes in sizes up to American XXXL, the equivalent of British size 24 – a decision Victoria, 42, says is ‘really exciting’ and ‘something that is important and I am proud of’. Her designer range stops at a size 14.

A fashion source said: ‘There is a lot hanging on this for Victoria – it’s so different to everything she has done before. She wants to target absolutely everyone to make sure that she gets every single sale she can. That’s why she’s doing sizes even for the fattest Americans.

‘She usually designs for the very thin figure so it has certainly surprised people. It is a good business decision, though – she ne to start making a profit.’

While she has won acclaim within the fashion industry nearly ten years after launching her first range, Victoria’s high prices – some of her dresses cost almost £2,000 – have been blamed for her lack of financial success. She won’t have that problem with her Target collection, with everything priced at under £33.

Another source close to Victoria said: ‘She is always looking for a way to grow her business. If this works then there will almost certainly be a British version of the range.’


The real shock? It‘s a hit: LIZ JONES‘ verdict 

Wow, we are really into flying-pigs territory here! Who’d have thought? The the inventor of kidney-crushing body con dresses, the wearer of toothpick jeans, the woman who is the toast of New York Fashion Week (what am I thinking, these women don’t do gluten!) has come up with a new, affordable collection that is not just for stick insects and children, but for plus-size women!

The Victoria Beckham collection for American chain Target goes up to a UK size 24, and is affordable, too, with nothing over £33.

And here’s another shock: it’s gorgeous!

Eye-popping colours – orange, lemon, shocking pink – when bigger women have always been told to wear black. Fabulous detail, such as slimming sleeves, and drop waists. Super fabrics – not too thin, as that shows every bump.

And the ‘straight’ pieces (fashion-speak for anyone under a size 14) are fab, too: the trousers are slouchy and over-long; I’d buy the hot pink trouser suit, and the embellished black bomber jacket. And the childrenswear, my God, I only wish I’d gone through childbirth! Lovely retro ginghams and paisleys, scalloped hems and collars, shorts, prim dresses…

I was an early critic, but VB’s learned her market, grown, developed. These will fly off the shelves. Just like those pigs.