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WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Teaches Constance Wu How To Strip Dance In ‘Hustlers’ Trailer

Jennifer Lopez working the stripper pole is a sight to behold indeed. The possibility of seeing Constance Wu doing the same is as exciting.

Lopez teaching Wu work the pole just might be the highlight of the trailer for the upcoming STX Films offering, “Hustlers,” which just premiered. 

The “Hustlerstrailer premiered with Lopez teaching Wu how to strip dance on a pole like the expert that she is. “Front hook. Ankle hook. Knee hook,” she said while demonstrating the moves. Fans knew right away that they were in for a real treat on this movie. Nobody could do it like Lopez does after all — in scary-high stilettos and high-waisted underwear no less. 

The trailer then proceeded to show what moviegoers can further expect to see in theaters — drinking, partying and strong female leads having the time of their lives. From the short clip, fans can expect to be entertained thoroughly, and not just by the scenes of sexy ladies working the clubs and the poles.


However, not all fans were excited with the trailer. Fans of Cardi B, another female lead in the movie, were not too pleased with it.

According to Cosmopolitan, fans did not enjoy the trailer because they did not see much of their idol. Even though a Cardi B song was playing throughout, fans did not feel she was given proper exposure in the trailer. Most expressed their disappointment on social media, although they did clarify that they are still excited about the whole movie. 

Since Cardi B was only able to film for a day because of her tight schedule, it might not be too farfetched to say that the number of scenes she’ll have may be lower than her colleagues.

Considering how hard it was for the “Hustlersdirector to land Cardi B for this movie, it would be a shame if fans would not see much of her. In an interview with Vulture, director Lorene Scafaria shared that it took two years of persuading and calling the Bronx native to sign on. 

Hustlers” is based on a true-to-life story. It is a tale of Rosie Keo and her former colleagues, whose experiences seem surreal but actually, empowering to women. The movie is slated to hit the theaters on September 13.

JLO Dance Again World Tour 2012. At Allphones Arena, Sydney Australia. Hasitha Tudugalle/Flickr