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Watch this former One Direction singer go shirtless in Miami for sexy ‘Familiar’ video

If this song sounds familiar…that’s because it is… “Familiar.”

Latin superstar J Balvin and former One Directioner Liam Payne lit up the “GMA Concert Series” stage set up at Central Park in NYC on Tuesday, performing their new collab.

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Attendees were loving on the song, with lyrics that include:

“Can we get familiar (Yeah). I’m feeling ya. Hey What’s on your mind for later tonight? Let me be the one to fill it up.”

The song mixes things up with some hot Spanish:

Rough translation: “Señorita, what do you need. It would be great if you participated. Not far, get closer. I want to do it all to you if you let me.”

In the sexy video, Payne appears shirtless while Balvin gets on a car in what appears to be a rooftop garage. A bunch of barely dressed women dance and strut around them a la West Side Story meets The Fast The Furious. Then the two men engage in a dance-off at a club. Rolling Stone reports the video was shot in (where else?) Miami.

The song is expected to appear on Payne’s upcoming debut solo album, due out this fall.

“It is out on the 14th of September, I can tell you that much,” Payne said on “GMA.” “I’m really happy with it, it’s come out really nice.”

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