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What Weird Thing Do You Find Sexy? – #TQOTD – Mix 95.7FM

After asking everyone in the Click of Six about what weird thing they find sexy, most people’s turned out to be pretty normal.  And then there were the other people.  You know who you are.

What weird thing do you find sexy?

Listening this morning about signatures. I sign my name all day at work but when my husband watches me sign my name it’s a big turn on watching me write it! He finds it sexy!What “weird” thing do you find sexy? Why?CONNIE!!!! #TQOTD FOREARM VEINS ARE HOT!!!!!!!#tqotd I’m like Connie in the sense that I love smelling my boyfriend after he’s been working all day However I also love his clean scent too. I also suppose the way that my boyfriend drives gives me the funny feelin’s!Oooh braces are the sexiest#TQOTD The weird thing I find sexy is old school chivalry. I think it’s weird to be attracted to that nowadays because it seems like it is really dying out.My theory is once a guy hits 40 he turns GRUMPY. So, what’s sexy is when a guy is niceSexiness is when a man TRULY makes me laugh. I fake laugh alot, to be polite. It’s rare when a fella can sincerely get the job done. Thats a special kind of guy which is a turn on!A man and a child playing or a man holding a baby, and loving it. Not just cause he feels he has to, but cause he wants to and you can see the joy in his eyes, face and hear it in his voice interacting with the young one. That is sexy ❤️Its not really weird but. The mind. Being able to hold an intellectual conversation with someone connects differently than just seeing a pretty face…The ability to give me a good belly laugh. I laugh a lot, but my belly laugh does not come easily, as I’m a hard critic.I love when my hubby comes home in his work clothes (concrete construction) and he’s dirty and hungry but he looks so good in those work clothes and being dirty I know how hard he worked and even tho he’s starving he always has a kiss for me and the baby before anything else.I have a couple, muscular arms (kind of normal) but my weird one is thick glasses that tend to magnify the eyes slightly. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know, I guess it’s a nerd thing LOLDress shirts, with the sleeves pushed up or rolled up to the elbow ‍♀️ not much of a reason except …yummmm!I rub my husbands feet a lot. I remember my mom doing this for my dad after his knee surgeries and they’re still married so something must’ve been good about it.. ‍♀️Certain bald men. I say certain because not every man can pull off that look but when you can, watch out!Strong hands or feet. Dirty working men. Work boots. Bald men. Great smile. Eyes with a few wrinkles around them.A man holding a little baby.Wrists! I like a thick wrist….its not like that but for some reason I like a man that has em!When someone knows me just as well as me, oh ya and body hairA man holding a baby or playing with kids. When you can just tell he is having fun and isn’t afraid to look like a softie.A man that cleans.For some reason when I see a man taking pride in being a dad. Like they don’t care who sees.Couldn’t pay the $1 for the use of the imageBeards. Not cutesy stubble and not untamed scraggly hair- beards.ShouldersHands. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know.If a guy has the chizzled jaw. And clinches his jaw.DemplesGood credit.BeardsNot weird, but a REAL man. A hardworking man that isn’t afraid to get dirty and isn’t feminine. Knows how to dress and acts like a MAN. No skinny jeans, man buns, man bags, and definitely no hopped up 4 cylinder rice burner with an annoying fart can on it.Not toesPeople that can really singWeird thing that I find sexy: Thumb rings on guys. I hate all other jewelry on men, but show me a thumb ring and… hot damn!!!I find men in a suit with suspenders to be very sexy. Plus a man in Marine Dress Blues, makes my heart go pitter patter!!!WHATS SEXY. A GREAT LOOKING WOMAN IN A PAIR IF DRESS SLACKS SHEAR BLOUSE N JACKET.WHITH HEELS.Oh man the #1 thing I find sexy is good hygiene, a well groomed beard and sleeve tattoos on muscular arms….GRRRR! Jason Mamoa makes me melt, it’s ok my husband already knows Kristie from CoopersvilleOh God…..the guitar!A woman with blond hair waving in the windThey play that cult song at sporting events all the time… i learned it from football gamesI think hats on men backwards is pretty hot especially when they got that sexy look with a scruffy beardWeird thing I find sexy.. Dimples, a beard, and the man V.. Ok maybe none of that is weird but now I need a minuteI think that this new wave dance stuff called poi dancing is hott saw a ton of super hott chicks at electric forest this year doing itI find a hairy clean cut guy so sexy. Not there gorilla bodsBroad Muscular shoulders is sexy!!Amen Connie Man’s smell#TQOTD I find a man covered in sweat and grease from working on vehiclesI like the smell of my husbands armpits too. He rarely has BO. -Anna#TQOTD I find a man covered in sweat and grease from working on vehicles sexy!One wierd thing I find sexy is my significant other eating I don’t know why but I love itForearm veins for sure, wide shoulders and eye contactWell maintained scruff on a man. No duck dynasty beards!Odd things I find sexy: Unattached earlobes. I don’t know why but my man must have them! Also, Alicia (Fish’s wife). I’m into men, but she is super sexy!!!WORK BOOTS and JEAN SHORTS. Something so hot about bare legs and work boots. Also body hair. MEN STOP shaving you back and chest! I think it makes you look VERY masculine. Must be my inner cave girl ;)Big hands, and curly fluffy hair. I love fluffy hair. Nick jonas in his afro days had me going. My husband has a thing for feet.I find it strangely sexy when women disagree with me. It must be something to do with I’m a large man and physically intimidating so most women just don’t want to argue. But a woman who has a brain of her own and can give me a run for my money in reasoned argument is very sexy. Especially if they completely disagree with me. HOT! LolMy boyfriend has a gap between his front teeth and i find it EXTREMELY sexy!!Shopping together. Really shopping, not just tolerating. Deep conversation, but to top it all off, gently touching the back of my neck.Pajama pants, I don’t know why, just the way they look on my husband I guessIf Hes got strong calves you know he can do something with this bodyI agree with the braces. This guy at work had them and dannnnggggg.Mustaches. Like the creepy kind from the 70s. ♥️ They get me everytime!The “weird” thing that I find sexy is a woman with a clean shaven head. When I was a kid and watched Star Trek the Motion Picture and saw Persis Khambatta as Lt. Ilia, I was in love. Couple that with a smokey Kathleen Turner voice…ooooh baby. Mohawks on women are also sooooo soooo Amazo.I find a garter belt and stockings to be sexy heather really pulls it off “damn girl you fine “ #hamburger #sexyheather #PRODUCERSTEVEA Woman that knows how to fix Things around the House. So then I can say, thank you honey your the best ever, let’s have a Quickie and later I’ll buy you Dinner.Is it weird I find it kinda sexy when my goes pee in the toliet, while iam