Tuesday , July 23 2019
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‘Women’s role essential in rebuilding warn-torn nations’

Speaking at the World Government Forum’s first day, Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia’s 32 president and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, said his life’s objective is to fight for peace in Colombia after over 50 years of war. Studying 17 different peace process that have taken place in in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and in countries such as Sri Lanka, and South Africa, Santos said he identified the essential conditions that made peace possible. “I then identified the conditions in the case of Columbia and started creating them,” he said. Santos looked at military effectiveness and arm forces, relations with neighboring countries, and the need of applying transitional justice as appose to the traditional model of justice. “Traditional justice simply puts you in jail, against the transitional justice, which forces you to relate to your victims and pay back to society,” he said. The former president also referred to the need of respecting the human rights of your adversaries in order to achieve peace objectives. Looking towards the future, Santos said the country is starting the process of reconciliation, which also has to do with educating young girls and boys that through dialogue you can sort out problems.